MPJ Maharashtra Observes Minority day

The Movement for Peace & Justice for Welfare, Maharashtra celebrated December 18 as Minority Rights Day across the state and organized different activities to aware people regarding various legal and constitutional rights provisioned by the Government of India for the welfare of minority communities of the country. In fact, December 18 has been declared to be the Minority day by the National Commission for Minorities. It is to be mentioned here that, that the United nations organization adopted the declaration on the Rights of Persons belonging to National or Ethnic National or and Linguistic Minorities on this day in 1992.  The UN declaration on minority states that: “States shall protect the existence of the national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective territories and encourage conditions for the promotions of that identity”.

So far as the Minority rights are concerned, there is nothing special about it. These are simply normal individual
 MPJ Activists submitting memorandum to the Collector,Nanded
rights, which are applied to the members of different racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic or sexual minorities etc;
and at the same time, these are also the collective rights accorded to minority groups.  The MPJ organized signature campaign to aware people of their individual and collective rights and submitted memorandum to the government authorities for the proper implementation of various welfare schemes launched by the government targeting minority communities of the country. The media was also engaged to highlight the plight of minority communities. Several newspapers carried the news reports on the sorry state of minorities and non-implementation or poor implementation of the minority welfare schemes in the state of Maharashtra. MPJ collected vital information on the issue through RTI and shared this information with the media to sensitize stakeholders. Muhammad Siraj, State President of the MPJ was also interviewed by the ETV Urdu yesterday on the minority issues.

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