An economy for one percent

Oxfam International has just released a report entitled “An economy for one percent”. According to the report, half of the world resources and wealth is held by only 62 people. This report has revealed a shocking fact about ever widening rich and poor gap across the globe. The bitter truth about the global economy is that, the world population is facing a shortage of resources and on the other hand, only 62 people have a glut of wealth. This report says that, only1 per cent of the world's richest people own more than 99 per cent of people’s wealth. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) had also released similar story few months ago, in which it has warned the world, about the constantly increasing gap between rich and poor.   The OECD had warned that such inequality is a threat to economic growth. So, the burning issue before the global leadership is to take strong measures to check this trend of growing inequality.

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