MPJ Urges Maharashtra Government to Provide Food Security to People Affected by the Demonetisation

Mumbai--- Today, the state of Maharashtra is in the grip of severe crisis due to the demonetisation. There is a disaster like situation for the citizens in general and the people belonging to the economically weaker sections in particular. The life of daily wage earners has become miserable. The unorganised labourers are worst sufferer. They are losing jobs, as their employers have no cash to pay the wages. This demonetisation has put a big question mark on their existence, as the majority of these low wage earners are not able to buy foods, medicines and other things of basic needs.  We understand that the demonetisation may be a good and inevitable move and it may yield positive results in the long run. Our intention is not to dispute the government’s move of demonetisation of higher value currency notes. But, nobody can deny that the sudden demonetisation move of the government has brought disastrous effects on the common man’s life. 

It is also a fact that today people are facing great difficulties and inconveniences in meeting even their basic requirements. The long queue in the banks and limited withdrawal of people’s own hard earned money has compelled them to live like a beggar, while the constitution of India guarantees a dignified life for all.   It is also a fact that the situation is not going to be normal overnight and nobody can predict a timeframe of getting rid of the chaos the country is facing today. Undoubtedly, in the present circumstances a drought or calamity like situation has emerged before us. The rising act of suicide is clearly indicating that the people are losing hope. The Government must recognise the fact that the right to life of an innocent person is the most important.

Hence, in this peculiar circumstance, it is the sacred duty of the government to act justly.  We should never forget that India is a welfare state and keeping in view the wellbeing of the people, the government must pay serious and sincere attention towards the public interest and come forward to provide relief to people who are facing hardships due to the crisis of currency notes.

The present situation demands to ensure at least food security for all. It is to be noted that, Hon’ble Supreme Court had delivered a historic judgment on drought case filed by Swaraj Abhiyan. In the said order the court had laid down that drought constitutes a ‘disaster’ under the Disaster Act. Today situation is no different.   The state of Maharashtra must treat this as a disaster like situation, as the majority of people have no money to buy goods and services to satisfy their basic needs. The aforesaid judgment is the most significant social justice intervention of the Supreme Court and we urge the state government to consider providing food security to all in the light of the above said judgment in the larger interest of people.

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